WELL-PANEL is a revolutionary material with stable properties, which by durability, lightness and convenience is unmatched amongst building materials used until the 21st century.

WELL-PANEL - Premium are Magnesium-Oxide panels of the highest quality, derived as a result of heat treatment of Magnesium carbonate (at temperatures higher than 1100 degrees centigrade), present in higher proportions, which gives the characteristic deep grey colour of the Premium formula substance. This improved, balanced formula with its more stable crystal grid distinguishes WELL-PANEL as more elastic, robust and resilient to impact material than other varieties of cement-based panels.

Produced from volcanic ashes makes them fire and water resistant and more homogeneous in density than the Portland-cement products. The presence of higher proportions of MgCl2 makes them more durable and resistant to bacteria, which means they do not rot or grow mold and are 100% environmentally friendly. The panels are light and easy to work with.

WELL-PANEL products are manufactured under strict quality control guidelines and have passed certification tests for compliance with the European Directive for building products standards 89/106/CPD, carried out by the Institute for Testing and Certification.

well panel water & fire resistant board

WELL-PANEL® Premium structure:

Well Panel

1. Mirror smooth front surface layer of magnesium cement

2. Front reinforcing wall made of 4x4 mm fiberglass grid ply and wool textile ply

3. Main core of MgO, MgCI2, perlite SiO2, organic ships, filter as described in the patented, Premium formula

4. Rear reinforcing wall (rugged surgace), consisting of fiberglass web ply with 4x4 mm grid a wool textile layer